Coming up with ideas for craft projects is one our favorite things. Working with Moms and event producers to create a custom craft project is our specialty.  We love a good theme!
It's always all about the plentiful quality materials the kids get to work with.
Here's a list of some of our past projects.
A delightful project for dainty dreamers. We pull out all the organic goodies from the forest for this one. While providing touches of whimsy. This is an excellent project for birthday parties of 6-12 children.
This retro skill building project is a fantastic gender-neutral project for a wide range of kids. 
Kids are given the opportunity to work with hammers and nails. This project is well suited for school events, festivals, and birthday parties.
This is another project where the kids can get in touch with nature. This is also a lovely gender-neutral project that works well for the younger kids still developing their fine motor skills.
These adorable creations are perfect for celebrating fall and winter seasons.
Kids thoroughly love mixing and measuring the ingredients used to make this fun version of play dough.
Here's a craft that can cross over into adulthood. It's returned from the 1970's in a big way. We even have authentic vintage wood beads to complete this groovy craft.
This was a fun project we customized for a vintage car show. 
We said we love a good theme.
When The Craft Camper is invited to bring the crafting fun we deliver. We like to call it our three-ring circus. 
As a mom who has mommy friends and having attended plenty of events and fundraisers, I observed a few things. 
For one, families come in all sorts of varying sizes, ages, skills and attention spans. Weekends are too short and too precious for anyone to feel left out or disappointed. So when I created the concept for The Craft Camper I wanted to do my best to have something for every member of the family at the same time. What a concept right?
Yes, the big draw is the main craft project. Not your typical fair fare, however, something special, something worth saving and sharing. While the most crafty member of the family sits focused on their project, learning a new skill or two while working with some fun and unique materials another member of the family can enjoy some sensory play, build a felt fire in the teepee or play dress up with vintage aprons and scarfs. And when a cool customer thinks they might be too old to join in the fun we find presenting them with a hammer and a geode or a treasure rock and an opportunity to show just how big and strong they really are is pretty irresistible.
There you have it, fun lots of family fun.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.