Something fun for everyone is our motto! We even include something for the younger attendees at your party. If they are not going to be sitting down at the craft tables inside the Craft Camper they are welcome to hang out just outside and play with one of our sensory play activities we have brought along with us for the day. We are happy to include this service free of charge for up to 4 non craft project toddlers under 3 years of age. We can not be responsible for watching them during the crafting time of the party. We also ask that they do remain outside during craft time. But at least they will have something fun to do and won't feel left out. When you call to make a party reservation let us know if this is something you would like us to provide for you.

A little something for the parents who want or need to be close by. We have some beautiful individual coloring pages just for you. We will set up our folding table and bench just outside the Craft Camper supply you with some colored pencils and voila.

Little Red Reading Hood is my lovely daughter, Lilikoi. Children are drawn to her sweet nature. She is training to be the best babysitter in town. In one end of the trailer there is a comfortable lounge filled with vintage children's books where she would be happy to read a tale or two.

The last hour of the party is spent just outside the Craft Camper gathering around the campfire. We have lots of handmade felt campfire pieces for the kids to build the campfire with. The kids absolutely LOVE getting to build a safe campfire. We will sing songs and have great fun. This is the perfect time to sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to the birthday girl or boy. At this time we do not provide cake or cupcakes but we may be in the future. 

We are happy to include a gift bag for each guest to take their project home with them in. If for some reason one of your guests is is unable to finish their project we will happily send all the supplies they need to finish their project at home with them. 

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here are a few things included in  a Craft Camper  party....

Sensory play for little ones
Coloring pages for the grown ups
Little Red Reading Hood
Gather 'round the felt campfire
Free giftbags